Driving FAQ

When and how often will I drive?

We drive  a few Monday-to-Friday mornings per month.Those of us who drive on Hilton Head Island usually  drive on a certain day of the week every other month. Those of us who drive in and around Bluffton, including Sun City, usually drive one or two days each month.

What is involved in driving?

On days that we are signed up to drive, we gather at our facility at 75 Capital Drive on Hilton Head Island at about 10:00 AM.  We bring along a couple of coolers, one for hot meals and the other one for cold drinks. We receive a roster of names for the route we will be driving.  Based on this list, we gather up cold drinks and desserts while hot meals are delivered to us from the kitchen.  After packing our coolers, we go out and deliver the meals.

Do I drive my own car and pay for gas?

In a word, yes.  Most of the routes are compact so distances are not great.

How many meals do I deliver and how long does it take?

In most cases we deliver between ten and fifteen meals. We finish around noon. 

How many routes are there?

There are four routes on Hilton Head Island and three off-island.  You will usually drive the same route each time. The advantage is that you learn the route and get to know some of our wonderful clients.

How will I learn a route?

An experienced driver will familiarize you with the route before you drive it. In addition to the roster of names, you will receive a packet of address cards with driving directions for each client. Each time you drive you will receive a roster of clients for that day.

Can I share a route with a friend or spouse?

Yes.  This is quite common.